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Integrated USB Switch Reduces Board Space

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:869

Fairchild Semiconductor is focused on developing analog and power functions that enhance user satisfaction and make products successful in the market, providing handset designers with an automatic selection of high-speed USB switch FSA2000 with integrated capacitive headphone audio amplifier. The industry's first integrated USB switch device of the same type, and can reduce component count, board space and bill of materials (BOM) costs.

Fairchild is a leader in mobile technology with a rich analog and power IP. The company has developed a system-specific know-how in the field of USB switches and audio headphone amplifiers to develop a 3G mobile phone, netbook and Innovative solution for portable MP3/MP4 media players.

Current discrete solutions require multiple discrete components such as a USB switch, two 220μF bulk capacitors, and an external headphone amplifier. The FSA2000 is a USB 2.0 full-speed (FS) and high-speed (HS) switch that integrates a Class AB capless headphone amplifier, eliminating the need for additional components, saving board space and reducing BOM cost.

When VBUS is detected, the FSA2000 automatically switches to the USB path. In this process, there is no need to power the headphone amplifier, which saves power and extends battery life.

The FSA2000 is part of Fairchild's rich USB solution, which is often used for USB port sharing and routing through the use of advanced detection techniques. These switches are compatible with the USB 2.0 FS/HS path and have a bandwidth of over 720 MHz, making them ideal for USB port isolation, connector sharing, and signal multiplexing applications.

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