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Intel pcb board design 15 core server chip

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With the development of science and technology, the number of processor cores between pcb board design x86 chip manufacturers has come to an end a few years ago, but the decision of Intel (24.26, 0.52, 2.19%) to launch a 15-core processor may change this. status quo. In recent years, the battles of major service providers have completely angered Intel, and will soon launch a 15-core server chip codenamed Ivytown. The most nuclear processor is the Xeon E5 shipped in the third quarter of this year. V2 chip.

    Designed for high-end servers, this pcb board is designed for high-end servers and is likely to be used in 4- to 8-slot servers, which are typically used to handle high-end computing for database and enterprise resource planning systems.

Increasing the CPU core is an effective way to enhance processor performance. Since simply increasing the clock frequency leads to increased power consumption, chip manufacturers are beginning to increase the number of cores as another way to speed up overall performance. The world's first multi-core processor was released by IBM (176.08, 0.34, 0.19%) in 2001, using the Power4 architecture, but after AMD (3.64, 0.07, 1.96%) demonstrated the first dual-core x86 chip in 2004, this The field nuclear war was gradually upgraded.

    The pcb board design of the 15-core chip has enabled Intel to reduce the distance from AMD in this area, which has already used the 16-core design in the latest Opteron 6300 processor. AMD launched the development of the 16-core Opteron processor code-named Interlagos in 2011, but has not increased the number of cores since then. AMD plans to introduce new x86 servers next year and will also use a 16-core design.

Intel's Ivytown is already using the 22nm process, but the company's spokesperson did not disclose the specific release date. This product will be part of the Xeon E7-v2 server chip product line, codenamed Ivy Bridge-EX. Dean McCarron, an analyst at Mercury Research, a US market research firm, said the server market has become the latest competitive area for chip makers as demand for computing power increases across applications. Dual-core chips currently dominate the notebook market, while desktops primarily use quad-core chips. However, because the server has to deal with many tasks such as basic cloud computing and supercomputing, it needs to use a faster processor, so increasing the number of cores becomes an urgent need.

    McAllen believes that the pcb board design 15-core processor will bring significant performance improvements over the existing 12-core Intel processor. Many of the latest supercomputers are also equipped with a coprocessor that can help the CPU speed up the calculations through a graphics chip. Nvidia (15.7, -0.26, -1.63%) launched the Tebla K40 graphics chip with a pcb board design in November this year, with 2,880 processing cores. Intel plans to introduce the new Xeon Phi chip Knights Corner in 2015, which will have more than 60 cores and is a main CPU. However, unlike Xeon server chips, Phi chips consume more power and are less efficient at handling basic system tasks.

    Intel's upcoming pcb board design 15 core server chip, everyone has a look forward to it!

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