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Expert: How to make a better mobile phone in technology

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On November 16, 2013, the high-tech fair electronic exhibition opened in Shenzhen. The "10th China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Technology Forum CMMF2013" jointly organized by the Communication Equipment Manufacturing Technology Committee of China Communications Society and the Creative Times Exhibition was also held in Shenzhen on schedule.

In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of smart phones, the domestic mobile phone industry has also achieved rapid development. In addition to the veteran manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei, other white-brand manufacturers have also moved by cameras. As the center of mobile phone manufacturing in China, how to keep up with the trend of large screen, ultra-thin, narrow frame, multi-function, etc., it is very important to create a mobile phone that meets the above functions and can guarantee its reliability.

At the conference, Luo Weiwei, Senior Director of Huawei Terminal, DFX Director of ZTE Mobile Phone and Chief Engineer Yu Hongfa, Fan Bin, Director of Innovation Department of Sony Ericsson, He Caiying, Technical Director of Great Wall Development Engineering, Wu Zhiguo, Product Manager of Advanced Assembly Systems, Fuji Machinery China Technology Director Sheng Shiwei, NordsonASYMTEK China Technical Support Manager Liu Jingming, and Professor Kyung W. Paik of the Korean University of Science and Technology, and many other manufacturing experts gave a speech on how to make a better mobile phone.

Miniaturization of components, placement process is key

As Luo Dewei, senior director of Huawei terminals, said: "Now smart phones are moving in the direction of thin, light and small from the perspective of manufacturing technology." This requires the production of more compact components. At the same time, we know that there are three major parts in the manufacture of intelligent machines. The first part is PCB manufacturing, which is the manufacture of printed circuit boards, then surface mounts, and the field of chip packaging. So how to carry out the key patch work on the 03015 ultra-small components applied to mobile phones in the future is a matter of great concern.

To perform high-precision, high-yield, high-speed assembly of such small products, the requirements for placement machine manufacturers are getting higher and higher. As an outstanding representative, Fuji will follow these trends and provide customers with better and more reliable products and services. Sheng Shiwei, Technical Director of Fuji Machinery China, stressed.

Sheng always takes the 03015 component as an example. Because of the miniaturization of the product, the placement of this size product has become a difficult problem for major manufacturers. As a manufacturer of mechanical origin, Fuji has a clear advantage in manufacturing. For the head of the placement machine to put the solder paste, since the original part of the 03015 is very thin, if the head is heavy, according to Newton's law, it is difficult to control the strength and precision. Fuji's H24 is able to achieve the weight of 2.6 kilograms from the original 3.7 kilograms, while placing more mouths on it and speeding up. Achieve higher precision and speed from lighter.

According to the conversation with the director of Fuji Machinery, Takeno Yumaru, I learned that there are not many manufacturers who can currently mount 03015, and Fuji is one of the top ones. He also told us that the accuracy and performance of the placement machine are the two most important parts, and this is what Fuji is best at.

When talking about the future development of 03015, Takeno Yumaru believes that by 2016, this type of components will enter explosive growth in applications. According to him, the first to use 03015 should be the model manufacturer, which will be introduced to mobile phones and wearable devices. Takeno Yumaru also shared with us his views on the Chinese market, in addition to promoting advanced technology and equipment in cooperation with ZTE Huawei. Also optimistic about the future development of wearable devices. Faced with such a trend of miniaturization, Fuji's current page is researching the mounting technology of 0201, and hopes that it will once again be ahead of the trend technology in the future.

Dispensing technology that cannot be ignored, the "protection god" of components

For the manufacture of a mobile phone, in addition to accurately placing components on the circuit board, how to ensure the components are fixed, reliable, not displaced during the collision, or even waterproof. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply the dispensing technology. Let's take a look at how the industry's leading expert, Nordson ASYMTEK, uses advanced technology to escort our products.

According to Liu Jingming, technical support manager of Nordson, the dispensing technology is based on a simple pressure method and a long-term evolution to form an industry based on jet technology. The needle dispensing is relatively simple, an

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