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2014 Huidong County Tourism

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:1430

Huizhou Liwan is located on the shore of Daya Bay in Huidong County, Guangdong Province. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and has a quiet environment. The half-moon beach on the beach is more than 10 miles long and the sand is fine and white. It is a good natural bathing beach. There are many small islands on the sea, and there are many strange stones, which add interest to the scenery. With a unique coastal tourism resource, there are eight bays on the coastline with a total length of more than 20 kilometers. The sea surface is faintly distributed with 10 continents. This year, the company organized all employees and their families to travel to Huizhou for three days.

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At 1 pm on October 31, all the colleagues took a bus from Shenzhen to Huizhou, and arrived at the destination of the tour, Tsuen Wan, around 4 o'clock. Today's event is to go fishing in the sea, and the income can be added at night. The fishing process is boring, follow the advice of the tour guide, and on the way we take a yacht to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

20150210180626882688.jpg 20150210180654825482.jpg
20150210180623802380.jpg 20150210180781668166.jpg

No activity on the morning of the 1st, everyone went to sleep naturally. After lunch, everyone went to visit the Tianhou Temple (that is, Mazu Temple).

2015021018070652652.jpg 2015021018070820820.jpg
20150210180785568556.jpg 20150210180787478747.jpg

After paying homage, I set off for today's main event - expanding the training base. Training one: Sticky gum, the meaning is to tell us that every time we do something to find a goal, we must act quickly. Training 2: The monster crosses the river, telling us not to be bound by inertia thinking, and half the effort. Training 3: The flop, telling us that communication is very important when communicating information, to understand the meaning correctly to avoid mistakes. Training 4: Beads and Miles, let us understand that in the process of cooperation, do not complain, blame, and tolerate in order to successfully complete things.

20150210180752425242.jpg 20150210180887608760.jpg
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November 2nd is the last day of the tour. On this day we are going to play on a privately developed island. This time everyone was planning to swim in the sea, but it was not a wish. At that time, the waves were particularly large. It was not a good time to swim. Everyone kicked the football on the open space at the beach.

20150210180820822082.jpg 20150210180833393339.jpg
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Despite a little regret, the journey is over. Tourism not only creates a pleasant weekend for everyone, but also promotes communication and understanding between colleagues.

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