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Confidentiality measures
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To ensure the interests of our customers, our company has adopted strict confidentiality measures:

1. All customers establish a cooperative relationship and first sign a confidentiality agreement between the two parties.

2. Internal employees have signed strict confidentiality agreements, which are valid for three years after leaving the company.

3. The general engineer prohibits the use of the external network. The external supervisor of the engineering supervisor monitors the entire process, and the USB ports are all prohibited.

4. Without the approval of the chairman, general manager or authorized person, the confidential materials are forbidden to be copied privately. The copy is treated as the original. The waste pages of the copying process shall be destroyed immediately; the confidential materials shall be printed or printed strictly according to the approved number of copies. More than one print and more, the drafts are managed as if they were the originals, and the waste pages and scraps formed during the printing process are destroyed immediately.

5. Pay attention to the confidentiality work in communication and office automation, and do not allow confidential information and materials to be transmitted on telephones and fax machines that may cause leaks.

6. It is forbidden to disclose company confidentiality in private contacts and communications. It is forbidden to talk about company confidentiality in public places, and it is not allowed to stack company confidential information on the desk at will.

7. The conference and other activities belonging to the company's confidential content shall be subject to the following confidentiality measures:

     a. Select a meeting place with confidential conditions.

     b. Limit the scope of participants. Meetings involving confidential matters must be designated by designated personnel. It is strictly forbidden for non-related personnel to enter.

     c. Use meeting equipment and management meeting documents in accordance with confidentiality regulations to determine whether the content of the meeting is conveyed and communicated, check whether there are any remaining materials, and prohibit the spamming of meeting documents.

8. The employee computer must set the power-on password and must not disclose any electronic confidentiality in any way. Password management principle: passwords should generally be more than 6 digits; don't use characters such as birthdays, hobbies, spoken words, habits, etc. that are easy to guess, such as your own or family, as passwords; don't talk to anyone about the content of passwords; for servers, Important systems, databases, network devices, firewalls, security devices, etc. use segmented memory, that is, passwords can be remembered by each person for a period of time, and multiple passwords can be combined to log in; after the employee leaves the company, important equipment and operating system The password must be changed immediately.

9. The protection of trade secrets accessed, processed and transmitted by computer technology is carried out in accordance with the company's regulations on computer information security management.

10. Before the employee and the company terminate the labor contract, they must immediately return all written materials related to the company's trade secrets that they obtained during the company.

Since the company was founded ten years ago, there has never been a customer data disclosure incident and won wide acclaim from customers.

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