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Notice of Call for Papers of the 5th National Youth Printed Circuit Academic Annual Meeting

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:1423

In order to summarize the new developments and new achievements of China's printed circuit technology since the 9th National Printed Circuit Academic Annual Meeting (November 2012), we will further improve the production level of printed circuit production in China and promote the progress of printed circuit production technology. To build a platform for technical exchanges among young technicians of printed circuits. The Printed Circuits Committee of the Electronics Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics decided to hold the Fifth National Youth Printed Circuit Academics in Zhejiang in late October 2014. The annual meeting, the theme of the annual meeting is "Innovation and Development Leads the Future", for which the papers are collected nationwide.

It is hoped that after receiving the notice from all member units and relevant units, they will actively organize the young engineering and technical personnel of their own units to write papers and participate in the grand event of the 2014 Chinese youth printed circuit science and technology workers.

First, the scope of the essay

1. Papers on new technologies, new materials, new equipment, and new processes in printed circuit manufacturing

2. Printed circuit green materials, clean production, low carbon production and environmental protection papers

3. Recent development trends and dynamic reviews of printed circuit manufacturing technology and advanced market and management technology reports

4. Papers on the development of printed circuit testing, inspection, quality management, standards, etc.

5. Papers on reliability design and electromagnetic compatibility of printed circuits and manufacturability of printed circuit boards

6. Papers on printed circuit production and board mounting, soldering, etc.

7. Papers on printed electronics, packaging, etc.

Second, the essay requirements

1. Professional technical papers with clear themes, clear charts, reliable data, and rigorous analysis.

2. The author is a scientific worker or related professional technician. The first author requires an age of 45 or younger.

3, thesis writing format: thesis title / author unit and name / abstract / keyword / text / reference

4. The title of the thesis/author unit and name/summary/keywords must have an English translation. Foreign papers are in English.

5. Papers submitted via e-mail (E-mail: pctc-pcb@163.com), CD-ROM, etc.

Requirements: The pages are all A4, the top and bottom margins are 2.54mm, the left and right sides are 3.18 mm, and the number of rows is 38-42.

Title: Blackbody No. 3; Abstract: Chinese and English with the fifth word

Text: Song No. 4; Author's Profile and References: Song No. 5

6. Attached page of the thesis: Author's introduction (date of birth, title, main job, publication of papers, etc.), recent one-inch photo; author unit, mailing address, postal code, telephone (work phone and mobile phone), fax And E-mail, etc., convenient to contact the issuance of employment notices and meeting notices.

Third, the paper publishing method

1. Organized by the Printed Circuits Special Committee of the Electronics Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics to conduct a review, select the conference report and the special report papers and present at the conference and special report. The general paper presentation time is no more than 15 minutes. The committee will compile the papers that meet the requirements and publish the excellent papers for publication.

2. The contributor will be notified before September 30th. Is it a conference or a special speech or a written statement.

3. All papers are generally not returned.

Fourth, the deadline for submission of papers: August 29, 2014

V. The paper is sent to: 100083, 3rd Floor, PCB Building, No. 211, North Fourth Ring Road, Beijing, China

Tel: 010-82307578 010-89055561 Fax: 010-62313204

China Electronics Society

Electronic Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Branch Printed Circuits Committee

April 15, 2014

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