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Intel Dell is optimistic about the PC industry will rejuvenate

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:981

Global PC (PC) processor leader Intel and the third largest PC factory Dell (DELL) yesterday (2) on the same day optimistic about the PC industry will rejuvenate. Dell believes that global PC shipments have stopped falling, and demand continues to grow this year; Intel CEO Renee J. James said that "PC is dead" is too exaggerated, optimistic about the PC market is expected to double in five years.

Affected by the smart device eroding the PC market, global PC shipments fell 10% last year, the largest decline in history. Although the fourth quarter of last year was the traditional peak season, global sales still fell 6.9%, the seventh consecutive quarter of decline, Related manufacturers are sorrowful, and the industry is concerned about when the market will recover.

PC rejuvenation Dell Intel

Intel and Dell are optimistic about the PC market, injecting a warm current into the quiet and long-term ethnic group, which will help ASUS, Acer and other related stocks to move on the first trading day after the Dragon Boat Festival's consecutive holidays today.

According to the Financial Times, Zhan Ruini refutes many analysts' remarks that "the PC will almost be eliminated if it has not come to an end." She believes that the rise of mobile devices such as tablets is not an ongoing revolution in the hardware industry at this stage, nor is it the biggest challenge Intel faces.

Zhan Ruini stressed that the PC is not dead, just changing. Traditional PC-focused companies, whether Lenovo or Microsoft, have begun to produce laptops that can be "morphed" into tablets, or with a tablet like a laptop keyboard, and in various forms between the two. product.


She said: "In another five years, I don't think we will discuss PCs and tablets any more. We will see something that combines the qualities of these two products." She believes that by the end of the PC industry, there will be substantial growth, and the market may not be able to To double, the biggest challenge for Intel is to be confident that the chips needed for these new devices will be available.

Neil Hand, vice president and general manager of Dell's tablet computer and Chrome products, also expressed optimism about the PC recovery situation when he represented Dell at the pre-conference press conference of Computex.

He said that Dell is still quite optimistic about the commercial market this year. In particular, Microsoft has stopped supporting the Windows XP-driven exchanges. The related effect "will not be only one quarter", which will cause global PC shipments to rebound and rise. The growth rate of top-grade products can reach double digits.

Foreign capital also has a positive view on the industry's rejuvenation. Barclays Securities expects that the recent industry orders will pick up momentum, and the seasonal increase rate of the foundry's shipments will reach 7%, which is better than the traditional seasonal growth. The market expects that PC shipments in the first quarter are expected to be the bottom of the recent quarters and will start to rebound from this season.

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