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Contrastive Analysis of 10 ARM Chip Schemes for Tablet Computers

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:964

First, VIA's WonderMedia WM8505 processor, based on ARM9 core, clocked at 400MHz, memory 128M, the system uses Android 1.73, in fact, based on Android1.6 re-development. Performance is not flattering, the biggest advantage is the ultra-low price, the representative is Gome's flying touch tablet.

Second, Samsung S3C6410 main control chip, based on ARM11, the main frequency is 667MHz. 256M DDR memory, using Android1.6 system, can be upgraded to 2.1, but the running performance will be greatly reduced, 1.6 is the best collocation system. Support 720x480, 30 frames / sec video, support AVI, MP4, 3GP, MOV, ASF, WMV, MPEG, MKV, FLV and other file formats. The classic model adopting this program is Meizu M8. At present, the cottage tablet also adopts this scheme, but the video playback has not been fully optimized. The performance and the core RK2808 are in the same grade, but the video is not as good.

Third, Rockchip's 2808. Ruixin Micro 2808 ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP dual core @600MHz. Now used for Apad iRobot, the operating system color is Android 1.5. 7-inch screen, 800 × 480 resolution, 128M memory. The video playback has the highest resolution of 720P, supports MKV (H.264HP), AVI, WMA, RMVB, MPEG_1, 2, 3. The machine can be upgraded to 2.1, but since it only supports 128M SDR memory, it is a tragedy to run after the upgrade.

Rockchip Micro Rockchip 2818 is coming soon. It is an upgraded version of RK2808, based on ARM11 core, the main frequency is still 600MHz, the operating system uses Android 2.1, the memory supports 128M-512M DDR, the screen resolution can support up to 1024x600. Although the performance is limited, the biggest advantage is that the price of the chip is equivalent to that of the RK2808.

Fourth, Marvell ARMADA (PXA166, PXA310), Marvel is an American chip company. It is said that one of the company's founders is a female Chinese. In 2006, it acquired the Intel XScale application processor business and became famous. The PXA166 is based on the ARM 11 core and is up to 800MHz. At present, most of the tablets use 256M memory and Android1.6 system. Can be upgraded to 2.1/2.2, the performance after the upgrade is still not clear. The overall performance is average, but the video processing still does not reach 720P. Shanda’s recently launched bambook e-book is based on the PXA310 chip.

5. South Korea's Telechips TCC8902. Some manufacturers use TCC8901, the core of the main chip is ARM 11,720MHZ frequency, and is equipped with 256M memory. More importantly, the operating system has adopted Android 2.1. The playback video resolution can support up to 1920×1080, and many supported video formats: AVI, RM/RMVB, FLV, DAT, VOB, WMV, MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-11, MP4/M4V, VC -1. The audio quality is not much to say, the friends who have heard of the MP3 of Telechips are naturally clear.

The upgraded version of the TCC 8900 chip will be available in the year, and the main frequency will be upgraded to 1GHz. Based on the ARM11 core, there is currently no more information.

Sixth, the ZT-180 processor with a frequency of 1 to 1.2GMHz. ZeniThink is a tablet manufacturer located in the industrial area of Maqueling, Nanshan, Shenzhen. After the Zonis ZT-180 tablet was launched, its processor ZT-180 was also concerned by the industry. To be fair, Zhuoni's ZT-180 tablet is a 10-inch screen that is the same size as the Apple iPad. It really has a better visual experience than other 7-inch screen PCs with a price of 1,000 yuan or less. However, there are two questions from the outside world. First, whether their ZT-180 processor adopts ARM11 or cortex A8 core, and second, whether the company's main control chip is really rumored by the industry. It is Shanghai Yingfangwei just developed in May. The IX 2X0 series master chip is still to be ascertained.

The chips described below are the next generation products. The Cortex-A8 is a processor based on the armv7 architecture. It is claimed to be four times more powerful than the ARM9. It has ultra-low power consumption and can run at speeds up to 1 GHz. These killer products, with Android2.2, wow hahahaha...

Seven, TI OMAP3530, the information found from the official website, the main frequency is only 600MHz, but also based on the Cortex-A8 core, the highest support to 720P HD video, 3D is more powerful.

Eight, Freescale iMX515, Cortex-A8 core, clocked at 800MHz, is currently not up to 1GHz, the cottage tablet prototype using this program can already be seen in the market, the memory can support up to 512M, the highest video output is 720P. Such a hardware platform and Android2.2 are more ideal.

Nine, Samsung C100/C110, based on ARM Cortex-A8 core, clocked at 1GHz, 512M memory, can be directly on Android2.2, super performance, it is said that the A4 processor inside the iPad, are Samsung design and foundry, Apple Although not recognized, the strength of the Samsung chip is known to everyone. Not to mention the iPad, Meizu mobile phone is called the most iPhone-like mobile phone, and its next-generation M9 mobile phone uses the Samsung C110 chip.

Ten, Nvidia Tegra 2, Tegra has always been very exciting, that is, the outside is very loud, not to see the product. Now that there is a look, the ZPad, which is about to be launched by Malata, is ready to use the Tegra 2 chip. Tegra 2 performance is very strong, built-in ARM dual-core Cortex A9 processor, clocked to 1GHz, up to 1GB of memory, support 1080P full HD video playback, multimedia support for Flash 10, 3D performance is Nvidia's strengths Needless to say. However, everyone should be mentally prepared. Nvidia's things are not too cheap. It is estimated that the brand price of the terminal will reach 3K.

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