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Israel's Top Ten Innovative Technologies to Change the World in the Future

Release Time:2019-01-25 Edit the author:金致卓 Reading:867

Ten years ago, touch-screen phones, wireless Internet and electric cars only appeared in science fiction, and many of them have become reality. Can't help but wonder what technologies will change the world in the future? Most of the answers to this question are only answered by Israel, a small country, because its technology always seems to be ahead of most other countries. Let us take a look at the innovative technologies that Israel will change the world.

One. [Air Traffic] SkyTran


Like many countries in the world, Israel is also facing severe traffic problems during peak hours. But the difference is that the country's most innovative high-tech talents are not sitting still, but constantly exploring and finally finding ways to change the status quo. In the near future, Tel Aviv will have the world's first urban transportation system based on magnetic levitation technology. This innovation was jointly developed by Israel and the NASA Ames Research Center. The SkyTran magnetic suspension monorail pod system has zero emissions and runs virtually no noise in bustling cities. Each pod allows one passenger to ride, just as convenient as a taxi, but the fare is only close to the bus fare. Passengers can apply for a ride via a smartphone. For the next 18 months, SkyTran will spend $50 million to build a four-mile route from Tel Aviv Railway Station to the Atidim High Tech Park. Netanya, Israel's high-tech agglomeration area, is also considering the construction of the SkyTran environmental protection system.

two. [Green Fuel] Green Feed


Another important achievement for Israel is focused on the field of alternative fuels. But when it comes to oil-free energy innovation, Israel is absolutely world-leading, just like Moti Hershkowitz, a professor at Ben Gurion University. Hershkowitz developed a “Green Feed” to replace crude oil with carbon dioxide and water. This material is refined from a slightly modified existing refinery and emits only water vapor. Of course, it still takes ten years for this technology to be put into commercial use. By that time, Israel's clean fuel will make electric vehicles the protagonist of the times.

three. [Crystal Therapy] IceCure Medical


If someone tells you that the tumor can be iced and removed within 15 minutes, you may not believe it. However, Israel's IceCure has turned this frozen miracle into reality. Mild malignant lung cancer and breast cancer tumors will be the beneficiaries of this new subzero hypothermia therapy. IceSense 3 cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to cool the surgical needle to minus 170 degrees Celsius and then insert it into the tumor. Extreme cold can destroy dangerous tissue, and it takes only 10-15 minutes to complete the operation without scars. After successful cryotherapy clinical trials, patients were diagnosed as benign. If this doesn't sound like the future of cancer treatment, I can't think of anything else.

four. [Slim] Gauzy

Blinds, billboards, and shop windows will be completely remodeled in the future. The Israeli company Gauzy has an incredible new technology that will change the meaning of transparency. The LCD controller, similar to the components in an LCD TV, allows the user to control the glass with unprecedented dimming and different transparency, all with only one switch. Gauzy also offers glass that can be selectively implanted with transparent solar cells to increase environmental awareness. This technology is far-reaching and applies to almost any surface made of glass, from vending machines to refrigerator doors, skylights, elevators, and personalization to make the world of different angles very different.

Fives. [City Aviation] UrbanAeronautics

Many people come and go in a hurry to try to achieve the ultimate mode of science fiction travel. Air cushion cars, hovercrafts, conveyors, what do you call it. However, when the International Astronautical Federation's former fighter pilots got together to create a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) utility aircraft without horizontal rotors, this would be a success. Urban Aeronautics' newest AirMule, the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle ambulance, will be able to land easily in a crowded urban environment. There are a large number of people applying for such an easy-to-operate vehicle, but AriMule may dedicate the first time to the places where it is most needed, namely the military and emergency medical assistance agencies. If we can drive it to work in the near future, we must thank Urban Aeronautics for its groundbreaking technology.

six. [Wireless Charging] Wi-Charge

Is the battery low that bothers you? Future Wi-Charge's infrared technology will free you to freely charge anywhere, anytime. Just as your smartphone, tablet or computer identifies a network hotspot, Wi-Charge technology will charge your device with a harmless infrared beam that transfers power from similar devices to a wireless router mounted on the ceiling. This means that no matter where you are, wireless charging will follow you, keeping your battery full and convenient for your life. Wi-Charge is not the only wireless charging technology on the market, but it is a huge improvement over traditional methods of charging with short-range magnetic induction (ground-to-ground charging concept). Currently, Wi-Charge's technology is still under development, and the company hopes to solve the transmitter and receiver problems of its wireless charging technology within 12-18 months.

Seven. [Night Vision Mirror] NightVision Lenses


Night vision goggles are so cool that whether it's for sports, defense or just entertainment, the green light from the infrared is something that excites many people. Now, Gabriel Sarusi, a professor at Ben Gurion University, is leading his team to study the use of nanomaterials in the lens to convert visible light into the visible light needed for night vision goggles, turning any eyeglass into a night vision goggle. There is no doubt that this nanomaterial will make sunglasses more useful after sunset.

Eight. [Moving Eyes] Mobileye


This may sound like a Transformers movie, but some cars can really see the surroundings and talk to each other. According to reports, the Israeli company MobileEye (planned to be the largest IPO company in Israel's history) has developed a system that automatically starts driving when the driver releases the steering wheel in his hand or is in danger. Although this technology has been generally optimistic about well-known car companies such as Audi and BMW, Mobileye is still trying to improve its technology and eventually achieve a completely driverless car.

nine. [storage point] StoreDot


Is it often because the phone needs a long time to charge the battery and feel anxious, especially when it is urgent to go out. Don't worry, these troubles will become a thing of the past. Israel StoreDot has recently developed a mobile phone charging prototype that can be recharged in 30 seconds. In addition to this application, there are many applications developed based on bio-semiconductor technology. For example, data storage devices will become more efficient than similar products on the market, with thinner displays and brighter colors. (For details, see the previous section "Bio-Semiconductors - Leading the Future of Information and Communication Industry Revolution")

ten. [Real view] Real View


In the TV series "Star Trek", employees in space travel will relax on the holographic deck in the face of difficulties. At present, the holographic deck based on the entire space is still difficult to achieve in the short term, but the Israeli company Real View has developed a unique holographic imaging technology to make the experience of the real world. Doctors can use the advanced 3D interactive visualization system to detect real 3D anatomical accurate volume holograms floating in midair. - China Smart City Research Institute

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